Chateau la Briance makes Prime Time debut

Recently, the team at Chateau la Briance were delighted to welcome the Chateau DIY television crew on to the grounds, as they filmed for their Channel 4 show. Our magnificent 18th century home was the centrepiece for this particular episode, where the show delves into the incredible history of the spectacular French chateaus that are sprinkled across the countryside.

It was great to be able to show off the majesty of our Chateau to the programme’s viewing audience, and in the meantime, catch the attention of enthusiasts who hadn’t yet heard of us.

Brits love Chateaus!

While the alluring grandeur of French chateaus has never been lost on the British, the trend of back-buying these buildings for renovation is a more modern phenomenon.

Much like the familiar British Manor house, French chateaus like la Briance are steeped in history, with sweeping lawns and grand facades. This air of familiarity runs deeper than just the chateaus, with many Brits taking up residence in the South of France, particularly in the Dordogne.

Grand old buildings, lush green countryside, and far fewer rainy days – how can you blame them? Plus, the Chateaus are so beautiful that it makes for fantastic television.

Our work

Since the Chateau owners, Matt and Helen, have taken on the building, there has been an incredible amount of investment to restore and replenish what was a run down, tired and worn out premises.

The previous owners were ageing even when purchasing the Chateau, and were not able to provide the care that it needed – meaning sections were shut off entirely, and the rooms began to deteriorate.

It was a case of long hours and hard work to bring la Briance back to its former glory – thankfully, most work was a case of new floorboards and ceilings, with the only structural damage located on the second floor.

However that was only the beginning, and now la Briance has been restored to its past glory. While modern technology has allowed us to revolutionise the facilities with guest access to a swimming pool, tennis court, and much more, the traditional beauty of the building has been left untouched.

Find out more

To find out more about our spectacular Chateau, why not check out the rest of our website? You can also give us a call to discuss your requirements, on 07768 451615.

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